Likas to take Collegian helm

The Collegian’s next editor in chief comes with an ability to write just about anything, a love of sports, quiet leadership and a subtle sense of humor.

A committee of journalists, teachers and journalism advocates selected Managing Editor Colin Likas to serve as the editor in chief during the 2013-14 academic year.

Likas started at The Collegian three weeks into his first semester at Butler University.

“It was fun and exciting, but it was also terrifying at times,” Likas said. ”It was what I wanted to do, and it put me in the right direction.”

He served as assistant sports editor during his freshman year.

He was one of three writers who live-blogged during the 2011 NCAA Division II Men’s Basketball Tournament. The blog reached several countries and had thousands of views.

“When I think back to Colin’s time at The Collegian, that was one of the moments that really stands out to me,” Collegian Faculty Adviser Loni McKown said. “It was a time where he really shined.”

During his sophomore year, Likas took on the role of sports editor. He led the team of sports writers and photographers to cover not only games, but also harder sports news stories.

“He really stood out as a sophomore leader,” McKown said. “It also gave him a chance to really show his reporting chops.”

Several of the stories he oversaw won awards at this year’s Indiana Collegiate Press Association awards banquet.

Likas traded in weekly sports stories for some of the biggest page one stories as managing editor this year.

Stories about housing and alcohol policies pushed Likas to take on challenging stories, but he said they helped him grow as a reporter.

“The transition from sports editor to managing editor was difficult at first, “ Likas said. ”There were some growing pains in finding out how to take on other types of stories. It gave me an opportunity to grow as a reporter and as a person.”

Marissa Johnson, this year’s sports editor, worked under Likas last year when she was a sports writer. Now, as they have both taken on higher positions at The Collegian, Likas has helped Johnson manage her section of eight writers.

“He’s someone I can rely on for just about everything,” Johnson said. “I know that he is always there to help out when I need a suggestion or just someone to vent to about things.”

Both fellow staff members and members of the selection committee took note of Likas’ dedication and enthusiasm for The Collegian

“Colin is someone who, from day one, has embraced The Collegian and what it is and what it should be,” Johnson said. “This position is what he’s worked for since he stepped onto campus.”

Likas said he hopes to continue what The Collegian has been doing since 1886—”covering campus and reporting the news.”

He said he hopes to connect with the Butler community to help make The Collegian “the people’s paper.”

“I want students and faculty members to be proud of what we’ve done,” Likas said. “I want us to be an outlet for our community.”


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