Freshman with a musical mission

Playing random notes and chords,  freshman recording industries major Dan Fuson seems to be messing around with his guitar.

Within minutes though, a melody emerges that sounds as though it could be on the radio.

The ease and nonchalance in which Fuson creates his music is striking.

“Playing guitar is a part of Dan,” freshman MacKenzie Harris said.

Fuson has been playing guitar for the past 10 years. He owns six guitars and is a connoisseur of music.

Some of his favorites are Angels & Airwaves, Blink 182, John Mayer, U2, 30 Seconds to Mars and Oasis.

Fuson said his love of music began in third grade when he watched his local high school’s production of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.”

In high school, Fuson was active in both his high school choir and theater.  He was cast as the lead role in the school’s play his senior year.

Fuson has been described by his friends as tall, goofy and musical.

“He is fun-loving and not too serious,” freshman Sam Harmon said.  “He enjoys the things he’s passionate about and is not afraid of socializing with all sorts of people.”

During his senior year of high school, Fuson and friends Sarah Menefee, Caleb Baechtold, and Kevin Weinberg formed the band Rite of Spring. Fuson plays guitar, sings backup and writes the songs.

Harris described the type of music the band plays as indie and alternative music.

“(Fuson’s) music is different and funky,” she said.

Rite of Spring currently has 161 likes on its Facebook page and, the band performs around the Bloomington, Ind., area.

The band’s song “Oh Georgia” is Harmon’s favorite. Fuson said  the song is the band’s most popular to date.

The band has recorded “Oh Georgia” professionally in a studio, and the song is available online for free at

Fuson said he finds inspiration for songs almost anywhere.

“Friends, relationships, social issues and even the seasons are things I write about,”he said.

For Fuson, music is a way to express his feelings.

“My favorite part of playing is performing a new song for the first time because that really is when I get to be expressive in what I really want to say,” Fuson said.

Menefee said she believes Fuson contributes more than just musical talent to the band.

“Dan is really talented, so he brings that to the band,” she said. “But he’s also very funny, so he really makes it fun even if we’re doing some crazy practicing for an upcoming gig.”

Fuson is a recording industy studies major at Butler. He plans on recording more songs for his band and himself throughout his next couple of years on campus.

For this freshman, the future appears bright.

“I believe Dan can do whatever he sets his mind to,” Harmon said. “He is extremely impressionable, charismatic and enthusiastic about music.  It’s truly up to him where he will take his music.”

And this is just fine for Fuson.

“I would love nothing more,” he said, “than to be a musician.”