Climbing: A club for the adventurer

The Climbing Club at Butler University offers the opportunity for climbers of all skill levels to enjoy their hobby and hone their skills.

It is not just for the hardcore adventurist or athlete. Anyone who is looking for camaraderie or to strengthen their body and mind can join.

For $20 a semester, students have access as part of their membership to Climb Time Indy, the most well-respected indoor rock climbing facility in Indiana.  This access takes the place of the need for weekly meetings.

“Quite simply, it’s a workout that doesn’t suck,” senior Elliot Johnson said. “I joined because I was out of shape, and I like the flexibility of it.”

Efforts are made every semester to go on longer-distance trips, such as Red River Gorge in Stanton, Ky., where members have the opportunity to climb on natural formations.

These expeditions are well received by the group of more than 20 individuals.

“You feel a lot of accomplishment whenever you climb a formation you never have before,” senior Joe Tucker said.

President Tim Miller stresses the ease of getting involved.

“If you have a heart for adventure and staying in shape,” Miller said, “climbing is the sport for you.”



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