Athletics Department: LaRose back to beginnings

Ken LaRose has worn multiple hats at Butler. Now, the university welcomes him back as an associate athletic director.

Ken LaRose is replacing Bill Lynch as the associate athletic director of development.

“I absolutely love it here,” LaRose said. “It is an unbelievable opportunity for me.”

LaRose was a student-athlete for the Bulldogs, competing on the football team as an offensive lineman from 1976-80.

He was also an assistant football coach at Butler for eight years and the team’s head coach for 10 years.

Even after he left Butler, LaRose was still involved with many things at the university, said Mike Freeman, associate athletic director of external operations.

Freeman said LaRose is a great fit in Butler’s athletics department, and he is excited for a Butler alumnus to be back on campus.

“Ken is happy to be here and loves it,” Freeman said. “He raises everyone’s morale and raises the energy in the room.”

Freeman said once LaRose received the job, he didn’t waste any time jumping into his responsibilities, diving right into the Campaign for Hinkle Fieldhouse.

Athletics Director Barry Collier was the man who hired LaRose. Collier said he thinks LaRose is a perfect fit in the athletics department.

“Ken has the integrity and the intelligence to be very successful here at Butler,” Collier said. “He has a high motor and keeps a high energy level that allows him to be successful at anything he does in life, including this position.”

Collier said he is also excited LaRose is back because he knows what Butler is all about. LaRose has seen the university from a student-athlete’s and coach’s perspective.

Collier said he knows LaRose will be able to interact with students on Butler’s campus.

The position LaRose is filling was made available to people across the nation. Approximately 60 applications were sent before Collier offered LaRose the job.

“He can tell the Butler story,” Collier said. “He knows what Butler stands for and will be able to keep the tradition going.”

LaRose said he has settled in at Butler and wants to help bring the school to another level with regard to national prominence.

“I could not do this for any other university,” LaRose said. “My love and passion is here at Butler University.”


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