Opinion | Butler should consider adding holiday breaks

It would be beneficial for Butler to gives students and faculty a few days off for Easter.
There are many schools around the country —not all of which are necessarily tied to a specific religion— that get a few days off to allow students and faculty to celebrate the holiday.  If Butler gave students a few days, they could be with family and attend all religious activities and services they wanted.
Sophomore David Leach said  the short break would allow him to participate in more activities and events leading up to the Sunday.
Not having to focus on schoolwork during this important holiday would be a blessing for Christians. We get a month off for Christmas; the least the school could do is spare us a couple of days for Easter.
Not only should the school be more accommodating toward Christians, but it should also be more accommodating toward other religious such as Islam and Judaism.
Like Easter, many major holidays, such as Hanukkah and Rosh Hashanah, happen during the school year. Hanukkah fell a week before finals week last semester. This is a big problem for staff and students who wish to celebrate the holiday.
Butler groups host religion themed events, and Residential College even served potato pancakes and matzo at the end of last semester.
Groups on campus already support various religions, but it would be nice if the university were a little more flexible with major holidays.
“It would be beneficial for students of all faiths,” Leach said. if Butler was more accommodating for holidays.