Official Situation

While many Butler University students like to watch men’s basketball games and try their hand in self-officiating, only a select few actually get the opportunity to take part in the real deal.

Students are getting that opportunity at the Health and Recreation Complex through the intramural program.

Student officials have to go through a two-day training period to become an official, said Emily Gadzichowski, intramural supervisor.

They spend one day in a classroom and one day in on-court training before getting experience in practice games at the HRC.

Colin Holmes, intramural supervisor, said they recruit officials to go through training via social media and callout meetings.

Holmes said the supervisors are in charge of off-court operations and leave it to officials to take care of games.

“We check out a lot of jerseys, we check and make sure scorecards and everything are right, (and) any type of injuries or misconducts are our main duties,” Holmes said. “And then if we see any way we can help out the refs off the court. That’s what we try to do.”

Senior official Jon Collar said he wanted the job because of his love for sports.

“I’ve been doing this for about three years,” Collar said. “I just really like sports, and it seemed like a good job on campus.”

Collar, who primarily officiates basketball and football games, said officiating events can be an exciting experience.

“It depends on the sport and who’s playing, but it can get pretty intense,” Collar said.

Sophomore official Austin Del Priore said he enjoys the experience of the on-campus job but isn’t sure whether he would like to continue officiating after college.

“We spend a lot of time training, and to get to the next level is pretty competitive, probably more than people realize,” he said.

Though it’s merely at the intramural level, most players seem to think the officials do a good job.

“Obviously they’re amateur officials,” Foster said. “They’re not doing a full-time job, but I feel like they’re doing a pretty good job. I’ve witnessed some training in the past, and they do a pretty strenuous process. And I think they do a pretty good job for the situation given.”


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