Women’s basketball: senior returns to court for finale

For the first time in the 2012-13 women’s basketball season, senior Becca Bornhorst stepped on the court, suited up and ready to play last Sunday against St. Bonaventure.

“I had freshman nerves,” Bornhorst said. “It was kind of funny. I talked to coach. I was super nervous. I hadn’t played in so long.”

Bornhorst battled through injuries in the 2011-12 season and started 17 games for the Bulldogs. She ranked second on the team in rebounding this season.

The only senior on the team, Bornhorst had originally opted to sit this season out and, if she was able to get the surgery done on her knee, possibly play a fifth year.

She had planned to have her surgery in October until her doctors explained she needed more work and had to postpone the surgery.

“Not being able to be physically out there was basically heartbreaking to me, you know,” Bornhorst said. “Basketball is my first love, and it’s my passion.”

Bornhorst emailed her doctor’s physician assistant to try to find out when a possible surgery could be set up.

She said she was frustrated because she would not be able to play a fifth year due to the expected recovery time of at least one year.

She asked her doctor if there was any possible way to play just a little bit, the rest of her senior year.

“I’m not going to be a starter like I was last year, but, you know, I would be a role player if they need me for a few minutes here and there and just be able to play and practice a little bit,” Bornhorst said.

Every time she steps on the court, she does risk re-injuring one or both knees again.

“To me, if I don’t do it, I’ll regret it honestly,” Bornhorst said.

Bornhorst tallied one offensive rebound in her senior year debut while playing six minutes total.

“Combining her being vocal all year and (her) high skill level makes her a key asset to our team,” junior Daress McClung said. “I honestly couldn’t be more thrilled to have her back on the floor.”

There are only two home games left for Bornhorst and the women’s team, and one will be senior night.

“Senior night will be really special for me to just go out there for a few minutes with the Butler uniform on,” Bornhorst said.  “I am just embracing every moment I have left.”


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