Opinion | Take heed of projects

Ten projects were recently chosen to receive financial support through the Innovation Fund in order to have a positive impact on Butler University.
After one round of selections, the Innovation Fund projects already seem promising.
The financial support will help faculty and alumni make advancements in their fields and give students a platform to launch ideas.
The selection committee chose a diverse range of projects. Every student on campus should be able to find a mission he or she can support or even be a part of.
They affect a variety of groups across campus, and hopefully, their impact will stretch beyond campus as well.
Ronald Caltabiano, Jordan College of the Arts dean, received a grant to improve Butler’s Arts Festival.
The money will allow artists to be part of the show and give Butler students access to a larger cultural experience.
The event will open the door for better interaction between JCA students and Indianapolis-area artists.
Butler students and faculty should take notice of every project the Innovation Fund is supporting.  Students may find a topic they are already passionate about. The fund promotes cooperation between different colleges.
Seeing the success of these projects may also encourage other students to look at how they can turn their passions and ideas into realities.
Innovation and creativity will bring attention to Butler’s programs, which will be beneficial to the school. Funding these projects shows faith in Butlers mission, and the university should continue pushing for new and better ideas.