Opinion | Schrott center will benefit all Butler students

The opening of the Howard L. Schrott Center for the Arts presents Butler University students a unique opportunity to be a part of university history.
Its construction led many students to worry about which students would actually use the multi-million dollar facility.
While students in the Jordan College of the Arts will take the stage for performances and shows, all students should take pride in the building.
There are opportunities for students across the university to use the center.
Students in the College of Communication should be involved in the recording and marketing aspects of the performances.
Business majors can work with the center to build business models and to see how new businesses take off.
Students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences can go see lecture series, while students in the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences could use it for large lectures.
The possibilities are endless and administrators like JCA dean Ronald Caltabiano are willing to include everyone in the process.
The center is set to open in March, so now is the time to start making these connections.
It is important that all students realize the significance of this building and its place on campus.
The Schrott Center provides Butler with a facility departments can use without fees, unlike Clowes. Programs must pay to use Clowes for performances since Clowes is not owned by the university.
Students and faculty should take this opportunity to get involved.
There could even be internship opportunities for students. The center does not have to be entirely student-run, but for the benefit of the university, students should at least have a hand in the production and center’s day-to-day activity.
The center’s construction is a great opportunity and comes with many benefits for Butler and its students.
The Schrott Center should be welcomed with open arms by all members of the Butler community.