STAFF EDITORIAL | Keep The Conversation Going President Danko

Next week, students will have the opportunity to sit down and talk with Butler University President Jim Danko.
Students should jump at this opportunity to provide the president with important feedback that could shape the university’s future.
Danko is hosting open office hours next Thursday for students to sign up and chat with him for about 15 minutes on any subject they wish.
We appreciate the president making time to hear student concerns, complaints and praises.
Danko has done an excellent job in promoting the university across the nation. He has made countless appearances from coast to coast, which has helped spread the Butler University name and reputation.
Meanwhile, though, students here in Indianapolis need the chance to meet with their president.
Butler is heavily tuition-dependent. Students are paying Butler bills month after month, so student voices should be heard in every decision the university makes.
It is great that there are student leaders in Student Government Association and other on-campus programs who are here to act as advocates for students, but we also need to feel like the president is accessible.
Having a personal connection to the president makes Butler feel more like home. For most students, this is home for about four years, so it would be nice to know the man who oversees it all.
On the same note, responsibility rests on students’ shoulders to make sure they take the opportunity to meet with Butler decision-makers.
Students should want to meet with Danko to keep him abreast of how students feel about their time at Butler.
In office hours last semester, students attended approximately 75 percent of the meeting times. As long as there is demand, administrators said Danko will continue to host office hours.
There should be a constant demand for access to the president.
The president should know—for better or worse—what students want from their university.
Positive feedback is just as important as negative feedback.
If students like a course or professor, they should speak up so it does not go away or change.
If students are not happy with the direction the university is moving, now is as good a time as ever to tell someone who can change it.
Don’t wait until you graduate to wish that it could have been different.
In general, faculty, administrators  and staff members understand that students are key in running a university.
Without students, Butler would not exist.
Know that your voice matters and use it, especially when the president makes time to hear it.
Students can sign up for a time to talk with Danko on Feb. 28 from 1 to 2:30 p.m. through the Connection.
Students are bigger stakeholders in the university than any other demographic, so we all need to be aware of what an impact a little student input can make.