Opinion | Applaud athletes for community service

The Butler Way is something that most students strive to live by. The athletics department goes above and beyond to fulfill this mission.
The community service student-athletes perform is a reason Butler is so greatly esteemed.  On and off the field, athletes are known for abiding by the Butler Way.
In recent years, Butler has had very successful athletic campaigns. Butler should be proud of that success but more proud of the work its athletes do in the community. Not many people know how much work it takes to be a student-athletes.
Not only are they constantly practicing or playing games, but they also spend countless hours serving in the community and helping others.
The athletics department is always sending out emails and reminders of key events at which athletes are wanted.
The men’s and women’s basketball teams raise money and awareness for cancer research. In April, men’s basketball coach Brad Stevens hosted a basketball tournament where all proceeds went to the American Cancer Society.
The basketball team annually volunteers at North United Methodist Church, said Darnell Archey, head of basketball operations.
The basketball team goes there one Saturday each fall and helps the hungry and homeless in any way they can.
This semester, the football team has made several appearances at the Special Olympics and the Gleaners Food Bank. As of last Saturday, the team has bagged more than 6,000 meals for the hungry.
Student-athletes are praised for their athletic abilities and achievements,  but they really should also be commended for positively spreading the Butler Way throughout the greater Indianapolis area.