EDITORIAL | And We Choose No One

This year, The Butler Collegian is breaking tradition.
We are choosing not to endorse a candidate for this year’s Student Government Association presidential election.
While former staffs have come together to back one individual come Election Day, this semesters’s staff has decided to take a different route.
We are challenging Butler University students to take time to learn about the candidates and what each has to offer the student body.
Each Butler student has a stake in this race, so we are leaving it to you to determine what you need from your SGA president.
The Collegian hosted a question-and- answer session with the three candidates on Monday.
The hour-long discussion was a good opportunity to find out more about how the candidates picture Butler if they were in the most influential student position on campus.
Each offered his or her own perspectives, and we could see benefits and disadvantages to each candidate. They all would make fine presidents.
But it is not our position to determine who would make the best president.
It is our job to inform the student body about what the candidates want to do for our university.
We take this responsibility very seriously and hope the pieces in today’s issue support that.
And while we are not endorsing a candidate, we are quick to endorse the SGA presidential election as a whole.
Voter turnout rarely reaches 50 percent on Butler’s campus. We think it should be much higher.
Every Butler student should take the time to learn about SGA and those running for office.
This should not be seen as a popularity contest. It’s a decision that will impact Butler for years to come.
Take the time to learn about the candidates and for what they stand.
An informed voter is a responsible voter.
The Collegian staff members have a stake in this race, just like every single Butler student—present and future.
We all rely on the president to do a good job, so we must act responsibly.
Make Butler better by casting a ballot on Monday.