OPINION | No Glove, No Love

While I am unable to speak for every student here at Butler University, I feel it is fair to say that an unplanned pregnancy would be detrimental to any student’s college education.
A recent survey, created by Student Health Services, shows an alarming number of Butler University students are not as careful as they should be during sexual intercourse.
Of the 436 Butler University students surveyed, 50.6 percent said they did not use any form of contraceptives the last time they had sex.
I find this number worrisome for two key reasons. First, as I mentioned, pregnancy is not something to take a chance with. A baby makes school far more difficult if not impossible.
College tuition is expensive. Having to drop out of school to raise a child, or even having to lighten your class load because of pregnancy, is a waste of the money you spent on an education. Contraceptives cost far less money than a child and half of a college degree.
Additionally, of the students who did use a contraceptive the last time they had intercourse, 30 percent used a method other than condoms. While any method of protection is better than none, birth control alone will not protect you from STDs.
Nineteen million new cases of STDs occur each year. Almost half of those cases occur in young people, ages 15-24, according to the Center for Disease Control.
This is a scary number to think about, and students should take notice. Of the surveyed students who did use a contraceptive the last time they had vaginal sex, 30 percent used a method other than male condoms.
While some venereal diseases can be cured, many are permanent. The consequences range from discomfort to death. These problems can easily be prevented.
Talking to a partner about contraceptives can be an awkward conversation, but it is necessary.
College campuses are often considered to have a “hookup culture,” Sarah Diaz, health educator at Student Health Services said. In this environment, talking about contraceptives might not be an easy but its necessary.
Student Health Services offers condoms and support for students’ regarding their sexual health.
Unplanned pregnancy and STDs can happen to anyone who isn’t safe. Butler students should take advantage of these resources.
Don’t be afraid to talk to your partner about sexual health. This is a serious issue Your health should be your first priority.