Late night: Battle of the Bulldogs

The Health and Recreation Complex’s “Battle of the Bulldogs” had everything it advertised.

The event started out with an Aqua Obstacle Course that challenged its contestants with an obstacle course in the pool.

Next on the agenda was the popular Nerf Battle.

Many teams signed up to compete, and groups received Nerf guns and glow-in-the-dark sticks to represent what team they were on.

The lights were turned off, and tables and obstacles were set up on the battlefield for the contestants to hide behind.

“It’s a lot of fun,” freshman Bryan Richter said. “It’s good to kind of get that paintball atmosphere going and get some competition going. It’s just a good time with your friends.”

It was Richter’s first time participating in a late night event at the HRC.

The final event of the night was the Boot Camp. This was a class that worked out many of the contestants.

The HRC employed various students to work the event, including sophomore Danielle Thomas.

“It’s fun to see other aspects at the HRC other than just working out,” she said.

Thomas works at the HRC while helping out with late night events.

Workers said this event was planned quickly, and some workers were even getting the experience they want to help them in their career field.

“I want to plan events as a career,” said freshman Whitney VandenBos, who was working her first HRC late night event. “So any kind of experience I can get in that kind of field will help.”

She said the event went smoothly and she wants to work more events in the future.


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