STAFF EDITORIAL | Sex: Just talk about it

It is time to take responsibility for our sex lives.
The safety of the Butler Bubble will not protect you from sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy.
Your age does not make you immune to diseases that stick with you for a lifetime.
It is shocking that less than 50 percent of sexually-active Butler University students are wrapping it up before they hit the sheets.
We are adults.
We must realize what risks we are presenting ourselves with every time we have unprotected sex.
The staggering statistics at Butler are a reflection of an old-fashioned psyche where sex is taboo.
We know sex happens at Butler.
We need to talk about it.
We need to talk about how to prevent spreading STDs. We need to make sure students know condoms are available on campus for free.
Students need to know that sexual wellness is an issue to be addressed.
Let’s talk about sex.
Let’s discuss how STDs are transmitted.
Let’s find out why some students are apprehensive to wear condoms.
Let’s talk about how some students don’t realize they can get STDs through oral sex.
It’s already a problem. STDs have already reached Butler’s campus, but it’s not too late to prevent the spread.
Your sexual wellness depends on you.
Some students do not get sex education in high school. It is time to break the cycle.
Students have resources to learn about their bodies. Do not be shy to utilize those resources.
The Health and Recreation Complex has condoms and accompanying information available to students.
Take your health seriously.
We can help spread awareness by talking openly about sex.
We should add a sex component to Red Cup Culture– a requirement for all freshmen– so that students know what resources exist.
Put condoms in the residence halls because sometimes, sex happens spontaneously. It is better to take precautions than to be left with a disease forever.
We have a chance to create a conversation on Butler’s campus.
Do not shy away from the topic.
Your health is more important than a temporarily uncomfortable conversation about using protection.