Greek-Independent issue still at forefront of SGA

After four years of Student Government Association elections, I thought things had changed.
I was hopeful that the conversation would shift from who is Greek and who is not to something about how we’re all Butler students.
I was wrong.
This year’s presidential candidates all touched on the idea of unity. They all emphasized that at the end of the day, we are all Butler students.
But the fact that we still have to hear about how to connect Greek and independent students is an issue.
One candidate talked about how more independent students should have attended Freshman Skits.
Independent students are not involved with the event. There is no independent team, so there is no reason for those students to have been there.
Another candidate mentioned that he knew both sides of the fence since he did not receive a bid the first time he rushed.
Not all independent students are independent because they did not get into Greek organizations. Some just chose to not join.
The third candidate sent an email to Greek presidents, mentioning that since “Greek students are more involved,” the work that SGA does impacts those students more.
SGA is not an organization that only impacts students who are involved.
All students—Greeks and independents—pay the same amount of money toward SGA’s budget. Every student at Butler has a stake in SGA.
Future presidential candidates should learn how to connect with students to show unity.
Focus should not be on whether or not students are Greek.
When we graduate, we are all graduating from the same university.
We all have a stake in what SGA presidents will accomplish.
Put Butler pride above your Greek or independent affiliation.