OPINION | Freshman ease into second semester

College years are a time of change for most freshmen.
Adjusting to a new lifestyle can be difficult when mom and dad are not around to tell you what to do.
“You have to understand the amount of work and amount of time for homework,” freshman Allie Watson said. “You have to set at least three hours aside, but you form a schedule from first semester that carries over.”
Watson said second semester is a little less stressful because students have their group of friends and have a better feel for professors.
Second semester is busier than first semester because students start becoming involved in greek life or other groups on campus.
The friends students have become their families away from home.
“At first, it didn’t bother me because my family visited a lot first semester, and I got to see them,” freshman Paige Fround said. “But second semester, it hit me because I won’t be able to go home that much.”
Watson said the stretch between Thanksgiving and Christmas break during first semester is just the right amount of time away from home because you feel a little homesick.
College starts to become a routine way of life. I know when I was in high school, I was so scared for college, and I did not know what to expect. But in my opinion, no difference really exists between college and high school.
Students just have to keep a positive attitude and know they are not the only ones going through the struggles of completing assignments and balancing a social life.
Watson said she is always on the go, but learns to appreciate things a lot more because she misses them and will be ready to go home.