Campus, a home away from home

Butler University is the home away from home for most students. But what does the school really mean to the student body?
Most students spend four years of their lives studying away from home and mingling with friends on this great campus.
The spring semester is almost halfway done.
Senior Robbie Fenton said he is not ready for the “real world,” which is creeping up on him fast.
“Sometimes, people complain about being stuck in the bubble, and they do not explore Indy,” he said.
But the Butler Bubble is what brings the student body together. Butler is its own community in the Indianapolis area.
“The thought that, in a couple of months, I will not be part of it anymore kind of saddens me,” Fenton said.
Most college campuses have a atmosphere that seeks the liveliness of a young, vibrant college kid ready to take on the world. But if one were to dig deeper into Butler, he or she would find students dedicating their time to bettering their futures.
This is how the university has earned its motto, the Butler Way.
“It’s a place where I feel accepted and at home,” freshman Madison Horth said. “(It’s) a place where I can be myself with no judgment, a place where friendships and memories are made that will last a lifetime.”
When I think of Butler, I think of the place I found myself. College is the time in your life when you lose yourself to find who you as a student are supposed to be. In life, there are always going to be ups and downs, but it is nice to know a place like Butler exists for everyone. It’s a place to feel safe, a home, a new lifestyle and a place to create or recreate oneself.
This has truly made Butler a home away from home for me with my second family.