STAFF EDITORIAL | Keep guns off our campus

Acts of violence and shootings around the nation have put gun laws in the spotlight.

In Indiana, pending legislation could soon allow college students to carry concealed firearms on campus.

We believe that regardless of the legislation, guns should stay off Butler University’s campus.

Concealed firearms could cause more chaos and confusion during times of increased stress or during a shooting.

Allowing students to legally carry weapons only creates better access to weapons that have proven to be deadly.

While a criminal trying to get a weapon will find a way to do so, he or she should not be given extra opportunities via more guns on campus.

If there ever were a shooting on campus, more people carrying guns could make it difficult for police to pinpoint the suspect.

College campuses are hotbeds for stress, hormones and drinking. It is unsafe for guns to be thrown into the mix.

Butler University Police Department does an excellent job of protecting students and those in surrounding neighborhoods.

When an armed robber was loose on campus in November, Butler went into lockdown mode. BUPD kept students aware of what was going on around campus so students could take precautions to keep themselves safe.

The situation could have been much different and more hectic if more guns had been involved.

There are plenty of ways to keep yourself safe on any college campus.

Butler offers self-defense classes for free that could prove valuable in emergency situations.

Students have a good line of communication with the DawgAlert system.

BUPD is always on campus and is quick to react toemergencies.

Keep the guns in experienced, official hands and Butler students may be a little safer.