Continue to back Butler after Basketball

Butler basketball is at its most exciting since the second Final Four run in 2011.
However, all of our support for Butler should not rely solely on the success of the basketball team.
Butler is becoming a household name. Enrollment is up and so are donations and school spirit.
Many blueblood fans feel like the hype is attracting too many bandwagon fans.
Die-hard fans do not necessarily want to scare away new fans from the games. Old and new students alike should be able to support and celebrate the basketball team’s success with their peers.
However, if students are true fans, exhibition games should be just as crowded as the nationally-televised games.
Although freshman enrollment is at an all-time high, prospective students should not attend the school purely for the success of the basketball team.
Cross-country and football both had excellent seasons, but the buzz on campus was not as high for those sports.
Certain sports are more visible than other sports and basketball is one of them. For the sake of other sports and on-campus programs, the sense of community and Butler pride should be high all year round.
The hype should not be directed just at the basketball program but should be applied throughout the entirety of our school.
Butler’s dance program is one of the best in the country and has seen as much national success as the basketball team.
The colleges of communication, education and business are also nationally recognized.
As people learn more about the school, the success of other programs is recognized.
With all of the hype surrounding basketball, Butler should focus on giving credit to athletes and participants in other programs on campus.
The popularity and success of the men’s basketball team is well deserved.
But Butler pride should be built on the success and excellence of all of Butler’s programs, not just that of the basketball team.