OPINION | Students should study abroad

Studying abroad can be a great opportunity for Butler students. I highly suggest that every student try to take a semester to study in a foreign country.

There are countless positive academic, cultural and personal advantages to studying abroad.

Academically, students can immerse themselves in a foreign language.  Students studying abroad have the opportunity to study at universities that offer programs Butler might not, said Sarah Robinson, study abroad adviser.

Robinson also said an experience abroad can be a great way to boost a résumé.

“That kind of experience shows employers and graduate schools that you can step outside of your comfort zone and do something that not many people can do,”  Robinson said.
Culturally, Butler students studying in foreign lands will experience ways of life far different from what they have in the Butler Bubble.

Senior Kevin Wolf said he met a  new type of people while spending a semester in France.

“You’ll be forced to interact with other people and learn from them,” Wolf said. “You’ll learn and grow as a person.”

Learning and growing as a person is perhaps the most important thing a student can take out of a study abroad experience.

“College is a time in students’ lives where they’re trying to figure out where they’re going with their lives and what they’re interested in and what their passions are,” Robinson said. “Sometimes I think studying abroad helps students figure that out.  Going and seeing how other people live, it helps them learn things about themselves.”

So Butler students, make use of study abroad opportunities and learn something about yourselves and about the world outside the United States.


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