AUDIO | “It all happened in less than five minutes. Totally a reaction.”

Butler parent Nick Frisone helped police capture a robbery suspect on campus this afternoon. Listen to his interview with The Collegian here:

Nick Frisone Interview

A transcription of the interview is below.

I went to Atherton to get coffee at Starbucks. I heard the high-speed chase, which was close in proximity, as I heard the front car, which was not police–it had a heavy engine. Then I heard lots of police cars getting closer and closer and closer.

Then they went past my line of vision behind, I think, Jordan. Then, we saw police officers running toward Atherton but to the building across the mall–wherever there’s a construction fence. There were two guys. I actually didn’t know there were two guys, because the first guy that I saw was running in a black jumpsuit, and he was so far away from the police. That’s the other one who is at large presently.

Then, lo and behold, from behind that building where the fountain is being repaired across from Atherton, I saw this other guy running toward the mall, toward where I was standing. Then I saw police officers that probably were not going to be in a position to catch him ever. So then I ran him back toward the fountain area to where the construction was and knocked him down, and the police came.

He went down to the ground and the police came and stunned him. And he laid down and cooperated after that, and that was it.

They didn’t ask me anything. I told them what I knew about the other person. It all happened in probably less than five minutes. (It was) totally a reaction.

He was probably realizing the jig was up and they would’ve gotten him anyway.

Additional reporting by Colin Likas


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