OPINION | Students should experience Dawg Pound

The magical time of year known as basketball season has finally arrived at Butler University.

The anticipation is building for students eager to see the Bulldogs do well in their first season in the Atlantic 10 Conference.

Butler students are lucky to have free access to all university sporting events, including basketball.

In Hinkle Fieldhouse, there is a special outlet for extreme excitement and passion—the Dawg Pound.

Dawg Pound is a student run organization that every student can benefit from joining.

The organization is one of the largest on Butler’s campus with around 1,100 registered members, according to the organization’s president, Michael Van De Voort.

Freshmen must pay a $30 membership fee, and all other students pay $20.

This fee may sound steep, but the money covers courtside seating for every home basketball game, opportunities to go to road games at schools like Xavier and Northwestern, exclusive ticket deals at games such as the Crossroads Classic and at least one Dawg Pound T-shirt.

Students really get their money’s worth out of the experience.

But the biggest perk of being in Dawg Pound is not the ticket deals or free T-shirts.

The best reward is being with friends and classmates, cheering your lungs out for the team.

I met several of my closest friends in Dawg Pound and many new friends at last year’s Crossroads Classic, where Butler beat Purdue.

The sense of community and pride I felt in Dawg Pound last year was something special.

It brings together students who would normally never talk or hang out, let alone scream their heads off cheering together.

I took full advantage of the opportunity to jump around, shouting like a complete maniac and having it be socially acceptable.

Usually I’m not a very loud person, but when it comes to Bulldog basketball, all inhibitions are out the door.

Dawg Pound is an opportunity for all students to get a little wild, be social and show their school spirit.

Butler students should take advantage of the opportunities this organization presents and cheer on the Bulldogs


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