Men’s basketball: Hopkins to play at Wright State

Former Butler basketball player Chrishawn Hopkins has announced he plans to transfer to Wright State and will likely play for the school’s men’s basketball team.

Hopkins was dismissed from the Butler basketball team in early September following an undisclosed rule violation.

Hopkins has not officially signed as a player at Wright State. He said he plans to sign sometime in January.

He would be eligible to play one calendar year after signing and will have a year and a half of eligibility remaining.

Hopkins said he contacted Wright State about playing for the Raiders.

“When I first found out that I was getting dismissed from (Butler), I contacted (Wright State), and then a couple of schools contacted me,” Hopkins said.

Hopkins also made a formal visit to Lamar—whose team has a coach Hopkins previously played for—and was recruited by Illinois and Oregon as well.

“I had a great relationship with a couple of coaches down at Lamar, too, because they were a couple of my high school coaches,” Hopkins said.

Despite the relationship at Lamar, Hopkins chose Wright State because of connections he has there.

Raiders coach Billy Donlon is entering his third season at the position for Wright State. Hopkins said his relationship with Donlon had an impact on the decision to attend the school.

“I think it had a lot (of an effect)” Hopkins said. “(Donlon) recruited me out of high school, and I just had a great relationship with him. I always talked to him when we went to Wright State or when they came here and played at Butler.”

Additionally, Hopkins’ high school friend, Kenny Washington, attends Wright State and currently serves as the team’s student manager.

“(Kenny is) like my brother,” Hopkins said. “We’ve been friends for six years now, and we’re always talking no matter what. He’s my best friend.”

Hopkins said he knows another student from his high school who also goes to Wright State.

“I know a lot of people over there, and I have a cool relationship with everyone over there,” Hopkins said.

Donlon, Washington and Wright State administrators could not comment on the situation until Hopkins has officially signed a letter of intent.

Despite his dismissal, Hopkins said “words can’t explain” the time he had at Butler. Hopkins averaged 9.1 points per game last year, the third highest on the team.

“I had a great time at Butler while it lasted,” Hopkins said. “Meeting new people and just being around the student body of Butler is just amazing to me. I’m definitely going to miss it.”


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