CPA looking to add art workshops

The Council on Presidential Affairs is looking to spice things up by bringing art workshops to Butler University.

The idea is still in the works, but it would involve workshops either on Butler’s campus or at Indianapolis art studios, such as the nearby Indianapolis Museum of Art, said Scott Nemeth, vice president of administration for the Student Government Association.

The workshops, Nemeth said, would be available for any Butler student to attend for fun.

Nemeth said the student affairs committee came up with the idea of Butler collaborating with local partners to put on workshops. He said it would be “something alternative to the usual.”

“We don’t have a chance to explore other hobbies once we get out of our core classes,” Nemeth said.

Sophomore Nicole Coglianese is a pharmacy major and said art workshops would be a nice change of pace because they have nothing to do with math or science.

“It would be something new and would help expand my cultural background,” Coglianese said.

CPA is hoping to fill the gap in the arts at Butler, said Rachel Hahn, a member of the student affairs committee.

She said Butler does a good job promoting the arts, especially dance and music, but is lacking in visual arts appreciation.

Indianapolis provides many opportunities for students to get more involved in visual arts, she said.

“Visual art is a good way of relaxing and expressing yourself,” Hahn said.

Some workshop possibilities include painting, ceramics and cooking.

“When you produce art, you have an increased awareness of what it takes to produce art and a better appreciation of artists in general,” Hahn said.

Nemeth said CPA is looking at collaborating with current faculty who teach basic art courses. The workshops could start as soon as next semester.

He said the art route would involve the IMA, which is convenient for students since it is within walking distance of Butler.

“By opening up cultural things such as art,” Nemeth said, “you are introducing students to a hobby they can keep doing in the future.”