Goldenboy brings the West Coast to the Heartland

The Los Angeles-based band Goldenboy joins the Indianapolis music scene this Friday at the Historic Melody Inn for a night of artistic guitar riffs and catchy vocal harmonizing.

Goldenboy, featuring the band The New Familiar, is on tour to promote its upcoming album, “The New Familiar,” as well as to commemorate the re-release of its debut album, “Blue Swan Orchestra.”

The band is of the indie pop rock genre, with high energy and pleasant vocal harmonies.

Nicole Verhamme, the guitarist of The New Familiar, said those who attend the show on Friday should expect to hear songs from all of the band’s albums, in addition to the two albums that inspired its tour.

The band is not a stranger to the Indianapolis area.  Goldenboy performed at the Melody Inn last spring as a part of its previous tour.

“We love the Melody Inn,” Verhamme said. “It is such a great music scene.  We actually requested to go back to the Melody Inn for this tour.”

While the Melody Inn—which is located in the Butler-Tarkington neighborhood—is a smaller venue, Verhamme said the management definitely knows how to maximize its space to accommodate the fullest audience possible while maintaining a personal, up-close experience.

Dave Brown, the owner of the Melody Inn, said he was impressed with Goldenboy’s performance last spring.

“Goldenboy is such a great band,” Brown said. “They blew everyone away when they were at the Melody Inn before.”

Verhamme said she is hoping for a full crowd similar to last spring’s  turnout.

“I really want to see a lot of people that saw us in the springtime back for more,” Verhamme said, “but I would also like to see a new fan base of music lovers just checking out the scene.”

Alex Steininger, the band’s manager, said the band is consistently growing in popularity.

“We’ve seen numbers rise at a great percentage of increase each time we hit a market repeatedly, so the growth is there,” Steininger said. “They’re touring, they’re working hard and it’s growing.”

The performance will have a little something for everyone, Verhamme said, and college students will love the high-energy atmosphere and the recognizable elements of the music.

Steininger said the band will put on a great show.

“Expect them to give it their all,” Steininger said. “They’ll come out and play a really rocking yet fun set.  The songs are way more rock-based live, and the energy and chemistry is great.”

People who attend the show will hear the musical styling of not only Goldenboy but also the popular local band Thunderhawk and the Tokyo band Zoobombs, which draws influence from artists such as the Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix, Brown said.

Goldenboy will perform at 10 p.m. Friday. Tickets are $7 to see all three bands.  The Melody Inn is located at 3826 N. Illinois Street. Doors open at 9 p.m.