Club team revived

Friday nights at the Forum at Fishers are reserved for one thing: bonspiels.

Bonspiels are curling tournaments, and though it may come as a surprise, Butler has its own club curling team that competes at the Forum.

Juniors Michael Strauss and Steve Bruno, president and vice president of the team, respectively, revived the club curling team two years ago after it had become inactive due to a lack of interest.

“I had only played, like, once before, but its something I was interested in,” Strauss said. “We started practicing with a bunch of old people at the Circle City Curling Club downtown just to learn how to curl.”

Since then, the team has grown to 15 current members with 10 potential members.

Many of the members are like Strauss, only playing once or maybe never before. Junior club treasurer Kyle Werner got his interest in the sport from watching it during the Winter Olympics. He tried it out and said he now loves it.

“It involves technique and strategy,” Werner said. “And it’s my one chance at going to the Olympics.”

The team recruits at Block Party and then hosts a “learn to curl” event, where they teach a person how to curl. This is how sophomore Alan Butler got involved.

“It was something I would not usually do,” Butler said. “But my first throw at the learn to curl was right on the button in the house.”

The button is similar to the bullseye on a dartboard. The object of curling is to get the stone closer to the button than your opponent.

Butler said his first curl was lucky, but Strauss said that curling takes a certain technique, although everyone can learn it.

“We have had a 260-pound football player at a ‘learn to curl’ and then we have (Werner) at 5’6” and 130 pounds,” Strauss said. “Anyone can be good curler if they try.”

Last year the team competed at the Midland’s bonspiel and is hoping to expand this year.

The team is working to get bonspiels in Tennessee, Columbus and other places around the Midwest.

It will officially start the first weekend in October.


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