LETTER TO THE EDITOR | President addresses CCOM, core curriculum

Let me start by congratulating The Collegian staff on its showing in the Society of Professional Journalists and Indiana Collegiate Press Association contests. I’m pleased that your hard work is being recognized.

That said, I want to clarify two points in your recent issues. One, we are not discontinuing the internship program in CCOM, nor are we discontinuing support for internships in any area. Look at my track record and you’ll see decades-long support for professional experience that supplements what is taught in the classroom. As you know, I believe in the college-empowered model. When Gary Edgerton takes over as dean of CCOM this summer, I want him to decide how best to structure this vital role. Internships have been and will continue to be an essential part of CCOM students’ experiences.

In another issue of the paper, you reported on a supposed shortfall in funding for the core curriculum. Rest assured that the core curriculum will be fully funded. Budgeting requires estimates – of the number of courses, professors and related expenses. In this case, we did not fully anticipate demand. We will make adjustments in the budget and, come fall, will have the full offering of core courses.

– James M. Danko, President

Editor’s Note:
CCOM Interim Dean Bill Neher told The Collegian last week that the internship coordinator position would be cut, citing a lack of funding.

On April 4, The Collegian reported on the shortfall in funding Butler’s core curriculum. This $400,000 shortfall was confirmed by both Associate Provost Laura Behling, the senior core administrator, and LAS Dean Jay Howard.