Intramural softball: ‘Love of competition’ drives players

The intramural fields buzzed this weekend as the annual intramural softball tournaments began Sunday.

The men’s and co-recreational tournaments were contested, and participating teams played until a pair of championship matchups were determined.

Eight teams participated in each of two concurrently running tournaments, which have been a staple of Butler’s intramural calendar for the past five years.

Teams were required to have a minimum of six players, and co-recreational teams had to have at least three female and three male players.

Junior intramural supervisor Adam Durm, who is in his second year of supervising softball tournaments, said the softball competitions have proven to be one of the most popular intramural sports each school year.

“I’d definitely say it’s up there because it’s a one-day tournament,” Durm said. “It’s hard to get a team in the tournament. Basketball and football are always going to be popular sports, but softball is definitely up there.”

Many participants cited the relaxed atmosphere of playing in an intramural tournament as the reason they decided to play.

“It’s fun and competitive playing with your friends,” freshman Chris Morano said. “It’s a good time because there’s not so much pressure, but it’s still competitive.”

Taking time away from classwork around the hectic end of the semester was another motive behind playing in Sunday’s tournaments.

“It’s a reason to take a break from homework, blow off some steam and just relax with some of your friends,” sophomore Nick Neulieb said.

Competitors who played softball or baseball in high school said they were also looking to rekindle the feelings of their old playing days.

“I’m probably not good enough to play intercollegiate sports, so it’s a way to go out there and compete,” freshman Alan Butler said. “I’ve played a lot of slow-pitch softball at home in the summer, and it’s a lot of fun.”

Some students said they have participated in other intramural sports both in the spring and fall months.

“I’ve played flag football, Frisbee, basketball, volleyball, and I ran in the 5k,” sophomore Ryne Brothers said.

A pure desire to compete and the chance to get to know your friends are reasons Durm said students enter intramural contests.

“[I think it’s] their love of sports and love of competition,” Durm said. “You get to meet people, and you get to know your opponents and your teammates a little better.”

Another reason for participation could be the thrill of victory. While some teams got to experience this feeling Sunday, neither tournament has an official winner yet.

The co-recreational bracket featured eight teams, and the men’s bracket had six competing teams.

Miracle on 38th Street and 633/Coliseum will face off for the co-recreational title while Angels in the Outfield and Slob will compete for the men’s title.

Both contests will take place tomorrow night.


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