CPA looks to continue progress

Butler University’s Council on Presidential Affairs has made progress this year that it hopes to carry into next semester, members said.

“I think CPA has done a lot,” said sophomore Katie Palmer, CPA’s academic affairs coordinator. “We’ve set the groundwork for next year.”

Palmer said one of the biggest areas of improvement has been in green operations—a new committee this year.
CPA Chair Mike Tirman said he agrees.

“We started the committee this year, and I think they have done extremely good work,” he said.

Green operations has a lengthy list of accomplishments. It played a leading role in the green summit, the green roof, the Brita hydration stations and President Jim Danko’s signing of the American College & University Presidents’ Climate Commitment.

Freshman Becky Pokrandt, a current member and incoming coordinator of green operations, put her focus on water quality and implemented the Brita hydration stations.

“They will hopefully encourage people to use fewer plastic water bottles, because they will have an option for clean water,” she said. “If there’s a positive response from students, we can hopefully get more and make our campus bottle-less.”

Aside from green operations, Flip the Script, an event where administrators cook for and serve students, was also a success for CPA, Palmer said.

While there has been progress, Tirman said he wants CPA to “keep the momentum” and seek more improvements.

Pokrandt said she hopes next year’s green operations committee will install more hydration stations, increase awareness of Earth Week and host another green summit.

More communication between administrators and students earlier in the semester is another goal for CPA, Palmer said.

Tirman said CPA will try to better incorporate the student ideals statement into campus life. He also said that CPA has begun a conversation with faculty and the provost’s office about joint- or combined-degree programs.

“It’s in its infant stage, but at least there’s a dialogue happening,” he said.

Tirman will hand the position of CPA chair to junior Scott Nemeth next semester.

“I think he’s going to bring a lot of leadership and positivity to CPA,” Tirman said.

Nemeth, who has been a part of CPA since his freshman year, said he wants next semester’s CPA to think big.

“We want to do big things next year,” he said. “Each committee is going to be brainstorming this summer about a project it can take on that will have big impact on the university.”

Palmer said CPA will also see many new faces next semester.

“There is a large number of people just starting CPA, so new people are really going to be influential,” she said.

Nemeth said he hopes to continue the success of this year while pushing forward.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing what we can do as board,” he said. “I’m looking forward to seeing what the administration lets us do and what the student body wants us to do and combining those two things into making really important changes to campus.”