SPRING BREAK | Indy is waiting

School’s just let out for spring break.  Everyone’s bags are packed, and all of your friends have flown the coop and are off for home or distant vacation resorts.

Everyone except you.

You’re stuck on campus while everyone else is off having a good time lounging on some beach or sleeping late at home.

Where do you have to go?  What do you have to do? Amen, you’ve got Indy.

Indianapolis, a city of thriving, driving culture, is right at your doorstep with plenty of opportunities for excitement, exploration and adventure.

Perhaps you like theater.  The Indiana Repertory Theater at 140 W. Washington St. is located right in the middle of downtown Indy.  Now showing is Yasmina Reza’s “God of Carnage,” a comedy that satirizes all sense of civilized adults.

You can visit IRT’s website, www.irtlive.com,  for show times and ticket prices.  The show may be pricy, but with the IRT’s reputation, it’ll be worth every penny.

Maybe you’re more interested in visual art.  Maybe you appreciate releasing your inner-child while exploring science.  Luckily, two museums exist that can satisfy both needs.

The Indianapolis Museum of Art is within walking distance of Butler.

Not only can you visit special exhibits of contemporary artists, but you can also tour galleries upon galleries of centuries’ worth of art from different cultures.

On one floor, you can explore the European art of the Renaissance.  On another, you can examine priceless artifacts thousands of years old from China and Japan.

And if you don’t want to roam halls of galleries, you can tour the great outdoors in the IMA’s 100 Acres nature exhibits.

All of this and more for great prices.  Plan ahead and visit www.imamuseum.org for upcoming special exhibits and cost of admission.

The Indianapolis Children’s Museum is a great source of amusement and light entertainment.  Programs are planned all throughout the day with each new day bringing a fresh new series of themes and adventures.

On March 10, dead-smack in the middle of this year’s spring break, the museum will be opening its new “LEGO Travel Adventure” exhibition.

Seriously, who doesn’t like LEGOs?  If you were a LEGO geek as a kid, this will be a good exhibit for you.  And if not, you’ll find plenty more to tickle your fancy.

Pick a day when you’re free, and go exploring on www.childrensmuseum.org calendar to find out what’s going on.  Admission is only $17.50.

Still haven’t found your interest yet?  The Indianapolis Zoo should be your next stop for consideration.  For less than $10, you can visit the wildlife from all around the world.

Be sure to visit the oceans and marine mammals exhibits too.  You can touch live sharks and watch dolphins frolic and play in the zoo’s famous underwater viewing dome, and catch a dolphin show while you’re at it.

If all else fails, go to the movies.  You can see new releases from the sci-fi blockbuster “John Carter” on March 9 to Dr. Seuss’s “The Lorax” on March 2.

With multiple movie theaters all throughout the city, a wide variety of films, times and venues are available for you to choose.  Check at your local movie theater’s website for show times and ticket prices.

You may be stuck in Indy over spring break, but you are not stuck without a thing to do.  The city is out there waiting.