OPINION | Savage’s message will be good for Butler

Columnist Dan Savage’s sex-advice articles are not for the faint of heart.

But for those looking for straightforward, raunchy advice and the humorous rambling of a strong-willed gay man, his articles in the alternative Seattle newspaper The Stranger entertains.

Dan Savage is coming to Butler University to speak about the It Gets Better Project, which he started in September 2010, and I highly suggest that Butler  students attend.

Savage started the project in response to several suicides by gay teenagers who had been bullied,  and his goal was to reach out to bullied teens to promote his message.

His message is one that all Butler students should hear: for those who are in despair because they are being bullied for who they truly are, life gets better.

Here at Butler, I have not seen a strong presence of the LGBTQ community, nor have I seen much anti-LGBTQ sentiment.

But I feel that Savage’s speech can bring this topic to greater attention.

The It Gets Better Project’s YouTube campaign has put videos up from prominent figures such as The Colbert Report’s Stephen Colbert, singer Adam Lambert, TV talk show host Ellen Degeneres and even President Barack Obama.

However, Savage loves the thousands of videos from everyday people over the celebrity endorsements.

In an interview on “Chicago Tonight” in December 2010, Savage said, “What we wanted to tell [LGBTQ teens], and we have because there’s thousands and thousands and thousands of videos from average people, is that you don’t have to be Ellen, you don’t have to be the president of the United States, you don’t have to be Adam Lambert to be happy, safe, secure, welcome and have a life full of joy, a life worth hanging in there for.”

For all who go to the Reilly Room Wednesday night, expect to be taken aback by Dan Savage.

His more extreme comments will certainly be overshadowed by the laughs that he will bring and the lessons he will draw from the crowd.