OPINION | New meal plan fits the bill

If you ever have sat in your room late at night cursing the dining halls because you used all your meals for the day and still feel like you haven’t eaten in the past year, your time for action is now.

The school has a plan in the works to replace the current meal plan system for next year.

In order for the school to approve this plan, students need to speak out.

As The Collegian reported in “New meal plan could take effect next year” (Feb. 22) the highlights are an all-access plan and more flex dollars.

This new plan solves the biggest problems with meal plans—other than cost—because it allows more accessibility to dining halls.

The new all-access plan allows students to swipe multiple times during any meal block.

This liberty gives everyone the freedom to eat as many meals as they wish.

I frequently have been studying when my concentration is broken by the grumbling and aching of my

For all of you who compulsively spend your money at places like Starbucks, this meal plan will put a few more flex dollars in your pocket so your funds don’t run dry within the first month of the semester.

Director of Dining Services Stacy Puck said this new plan eliminates the meal plan in C-Club but most of the meal exchange items will be turned into value meals so they still will be available at a lower price.

These value meals will be available at lunch, giving students the ability to get a reasonable amount of food on the go in the middle of the day.

These new additions will still cost the same amount as it does this year.

So it’s up to you to get the full value of your meal plan.

If you’re still on the fence about supporting the new meal plan ideas, remember that all of the dining halls should be serving better quality cuisine next year.

Do not be the person next year complaining about how C-Club meal exchanges don’t come with enough food or how you’re hungry because you ate dinner six hours earlier.

Be proactive and spread the word about supporting the new meal

The best way to express your opinions is by writing in a comment box in the dining halls, emailing food@butler.edu, contacting the Butler cuisine bureau or by filling out one of the surveys that are advertised in the dining halls.