BUPD reports two alleged rapes

Two unrelated alleged sexual assaults recently were reported to the Butler University Police Department.

BUPD’s case log states that an officer took a report of a forcible rape in Residential College on March 4.

The police also were made aware on Feb. 24 of another possible sexual assault that allegedly occurred at the Sigma Chi fraternity house in 2009.

The suspect of the March 4 alleged assault is believed to be known, said Ben Hunter, chief of staff and executive director of public safety.

When the officer took the report on March 4, BUPD put up a timely warning on its website, he said. DawgAlert—the system that allows Butler administrators to reach the community via text message, voice and email alerts— was not activated.

“We have to let the public know they occur, but we have to balance the right of the victim,” Hunter said.

The suspect was interviewed yesterday, Hunter said.

“We don’t know both sides of the story yet,” he said.

Hunter said that if his office has evidence, BUPD would present it to the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office.

The possible 2009 forcible rape was just brought to the attention of BUPD, the report stated. It was reported to the Office of Student Affairs during February of the same year, according to the crime log.

Hunter said the victim requested that the police not investigate the alleged assault.

Levester Johnson, Vice President for Student Affairs, did not return The Collegian’s request for comment.

Sexual assaults are statistically under reported, Hunter said, because the personal nature of the crime makes some victims feel uncomfortable.

“Females are afraid they’ll be couched as the victim,” Hunter said.