Atherton to receive $2.3M makeover

The second phase of renovations at the Marketplace at Atherton Union will begin as soon as students leave for the summer.

The first phase, which took place over winter break, renovated mainly the front of Atherton. The second phase will focus on the back of the building.

“Students will be able to see into the kitchen, so there’s not as much mystery,” said Stacey Puck, director of dining services.

The phase-two renovations will  cost $2.3 million and include an addition of 5,000 square feet, which will accommodate space for approximately 600 more seats.

Students said they are excited for the expansion of the area.

Freshman sociology major Dani Demerly said she likes the idea that it won’t be as crowded.

A new ventilation system also will be installed. This will help get rid of the haze that always seems to linger around Atherton.

The food lines will  also be reconfigured. A Mongolian grill and brick oven pizza will be some newer food stations.

The cook will prepare the food in front of the students.

“When people see what’s going into their food, and see people actively preparing it, you get a sense of, ‘How fresh is it?’” said Sally Click, dean of student services.

As reported in the Feb. 22 issue of The Collegian, “New meal plan could take effect next year,” an announcement was made that student affairs and the Butler Cuisine Bureau proposed a new “all-access” meal plan that would take effect this coming fall.

This proposal was passed, and anyone who signs up for a meal plan will be included in this plan. However, commuter meal plans are still available if students prefer one instead.

With this new plan, meal exchange will be eliminated, and students will receive $400 flex per semester. Ten guest passes will be a part of the meal plan.

The new “all-access” plan will allow students to eat whenever they like instead of at the peak meal times.

Freshman marketing major Gretchen Schramm-Davis and Demerly both said that not having to go eat at a certain time will be nice, and it will make Atherton less crowded.

For the next six weeks, student affairs and dining services will be lining up permits so that the construction can start when Atherton closes for the summer.

“This is a good time for input from people,” said Click. “If you have an idea, send it to myself or to Stacey Puck. We’re happy to hear feedback.”


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