Vote details will not be released


PART 1 | Vote details will not be released

PART 2 | SGA to release election vote numbers

PART 3 | Despite assembly vote, election data not released

STAFF EDITORIAL | SGA, show us the numbers

Part 4 | SGA kills motion to release election results

Part 5 | National SGA advises Butler to release election results

Both the election oversight committee chair James Schubert and current Student Government Association president Al Carroll said that releasing presidential and class of election numbers is not allowed.

Schubert said the information was not released because of a precedent and that it was not a written policy.

Carroll said that if a member of assembly would like to change the practice, it should be brought up as new business at the next meeting.

Both Schubert and Carroll said that not releasing detailed vote information is out of respect for the candidates.

Michael Keller said he was not told who the other candidate would be in the phone calls to the run-off candidate.

All four of the candidates said that they would want to know the exact numbers from Monday’s initial election.

“The students deserve to know,” Keller said.

Run-off candidate Kelsa Reynolds said she would have liked to know the results so that she can determine how close the competition is between she and Keller.

Sophomore candidate Katie Palmer said the results would give her a read on how many votes she did receive.

“It was really frustrating to me (that they didn’t release the numbers),” Palmer said. “It would have been nice to have tangible facts. I don’tknow whether I got two percent or 30 percent.”

Sophomore candidate Josh Grant said that he would also support the release of the detailed votes.

“I didn’t really ask (if we would see the numbers), but I think it would be really cool (if we did),” Grant said.

Phone calls to Schubert were not returned as of press time.