SSL needs sweet, sweet music

What do you get when you combine a green screen,  Butler alumni, $20,000 worth of music and sound mixing and a huge stack of textbooks?

The result is “Science, Sex and the Ladies,” an independent documentary about the female orgasm.

Yeah, it wasn’t my first guess, either.

Of course, the former Butler students have not yet raised the $20,000.

And Bulldogs can help.

This awesome group, AnC movies, cannot finish the project without this fundraiser being a success.

They wrote on their blog that they don’t want to be another indie documentary with underfunded sound.

So check out the website, read their speech and please consider donating $1.

Yes, $1.

Every donor “bumps” their presence on Kickstarter and gives them more visibility on the website.

Put simply, “Science, Sex and the Ladies” started as a documentary of existing research about female orgasms.

They have set out to revolutionize the sex documentary—one that actually informs the audience and does not simply restate facts found in Cosmopolitan.

But they make their argument much more effectively than I; check out the column “Butler grads promote female sexuality” and AnC’s fundraising webpage on Kickstarter to see:

As of the press time, they have only 10 days until the fundraiser expires.

As of deadline, they have already raised around $7,100.

Some readers might ask “who cares about this documentary?”

Well, the brilliant trio who filmed the documentary thought about that, too.

“Because too many women, men, boys and girls are hurt by the misunderstandings and miscommunications which exist because our culture does not have adequate knowledge of how women function sexually beyond the act of reproduction,” AnC’s website says.

It can be an uncomfortable subject. The topic, critics argue, has no place in polite discourse.

But discussion is always the catalyst for change.

People have to communicate to learn and think about new ideas, even if that communication is internal.

And for the vast majority of human beings, the documentary focuses on some pretty relevant information.

AnC points out, too, that a lot of half-truths and misconceptions get thrown around in casual discussion about the subject.

To put it lightly, this information will come up.

So donate. Donate to support some graduated Bulldogs pursuing their dreams, to educate yourself and community, to benefit the arts, to break the mold of drab educational documentaries or even to celebrate the season of charity and giving we’ve entered.


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