Decision about top leadership ‘forthcoming’ after Comstock steps down

Butler University Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Jamie Comstock has asked to step down from her position by the end of the year, according to an email from President Jim Danko.

Comstock, who could not be reached for comment, has been part of the leadership team at Butler since 2008.

Danko has not yet made a decision about filling the position.

“A decision about Butler’s interim and long-term academic leadership will be forthcoming, after I have allowed sufficient time to consult with our deans and the faculty,” Danko stated in the email.

What’s next for Butler’s top dogs? Danko told the Collegian on Wednesday that his experience in higher education has given him several insights about recruiting top leadership.

“If there’s anything I’ve learned it’s that you’ve got to go for A players,” Danko said. “You can’t settle. We have to have stars working at Butler.”

Danko said he’s not the type of person who wants to have “his own people” working for him.

“It’s not that I’ve got other people on the sidelines just waiting to come in,” he said.

Danko will start a tour of multiple U.S. cities after the new year to rally alumni and start fundraising, and he said that because he expects to be very “external” in his position, he needs a strong team in Indianapolis.

“That’s going to take a lot of heavy lifting,” Danko said. “Given that, I need to have a strong internal team.”

Danko also told The Collegian that he would not be surprised to see other changes announced this year regarding Butler’s top leadership.

“I’m still making assessments along that line,” Danko said. “I really do believe that it takes awhile to really get your bearing around who’s good and where do you have opportunities for improvement?”


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