Making that good old harmony

Prepare yourselves, Butler University. Our two favorite a cappella groups have been hitting the rehearsal room and recording studio, ready to serenade the campus community within the next couple of months. Expect concerts, new CDs and covers of everyone from Amy Winehouse to Ben Folds.


Out of the Dawg House is recording a brand new album scheduled for release this spring.

“We have just three or four songs left to record,” said Tim Jans, a sophomore arts administration major in his second year with the group. “We wanted to release it sooner, but we also wanted to release a quality product. So we decided to wait.”

Their CD will be an extension of a past EP from the group.

For those who cannot wait that long, OOTDH’s concert is Dec. 3 in the Reilly Room.

While Jans said that they will be recording an old arrangement of Ben Folds’ “Effington,” the  rest of the song selections for the concert and CD have not been disclosed.

They welcomed two new members into the group this fall: Josh Turner, a freshman recording industry studies major, and Tanner Walter, a sophomore exploratory major.

The group also is traveling around the area performing for different organizations and campaigns, including that of Chris McBarnes, a Butler graduate, who is running for mayor in Frankfort, Ind. They’ll perform at a rally for him tonight at the Frankfort Country Club.

No other gigs are planned at this time, as they tend to take shows on very short notice.

“Out of the Dawg House is doing a lot of cool, exciting things,” Jans said. “It’s like a brotherhood or being in another fraternity. We’re all really close to each other.”


Photo courtesy of Freshly Brewed

Freshly Brewed has a fresh cup of awesome coming sometime within the next month. Their new album is called “One Sip at a Time.”

“I don’t want to reveal too much,” said Kelly Cassady, a junior music education major and the group’s special events coordinator.

Also included on the CD will be Imogen Heap, Queen, Sara Bareilles and also Joss Stone.

“Lots of the songs really show off the group’s blendiness,” Cassady said.

Freshly Brewed’s new members include Samantha Helferich, a sophomore arts administration major, and Amber Ordaz, a sophomore pharmacy major.

The album can be purchased at Freshly Brewed’s third biannual cookie walk Nov. 29 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. in Starbucks. The group will be making at least two appearances to serenade the Starbucks faithful.

Other events students can catch them at include the Holiday Home Tour on Nov. 12 and singing during the Butler ASL Club’s “Hands on Fire” event.

Freshly Brewed’s biggest event, however, is Friday, Dec. 2. Cheezies, a male a cappella group from the University of Miami-Ohio, will open for the Freshly Brewed concert. Also making an appearance will be the Butler-famous ensemble Walk the Moon as part of the Coffeehouse series. Tickets will be $5 and the concert will be held in the Reilly Room. Cassady said that there might be a “blast from the past” boy band tribute.

“I’m really excited about everything,” Cassady said. “Sure, Freshly Brewed is about friendship and bonds, but we also make beautiful music and represent the artistic and creative potential of the Butler community.”

Proceeds from the concert will go to benefit Outreach, Inc., a mission in Indianapolis devoted to helping homeless teenagers.

OOTDH photo courtesy of Darkdale Light Studio



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