Letter to the editor: parking woes follow you home

The parking situation on campus may be horrendous and spark much debate, but has anyone mentioned the situation off campus?

My question is, why does Butler University require a student that lives off campus to pay to register their vehicle when the parking that is utilized is at their house they rent or off Butler’s campus?

I received a $50 fine for non-registration while my vehicle is off campus…are you serious?

It is Butler’s policy to register your vehicle if you live off campus as a commuter, but why?

That’s right­—­revenue inflows.

I understand that registration helps BUPD do their job, but to pay as a senior, fifth-year, sixth-year or Van Wilder is just ridiculous.

If permits are required to park in your own driveway, then why are they not free?

I find this as just one more way for the university to generate revenue from students who already pay thousands every year for an education.

A student who lives off campus should have only to register their vehicle for safety purposes.

With that said, students who have already given three, four or five years to the university should not have to pay to park at their own houses.

-Connor Ray, Senior


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