LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Cartoon’s comparison unfair

When I saw the cartoon in The Butler Collegian in the Oct. 5 edition, I was surprised at the poor taste of use of an historical reference.

The comparison of Independent Council not getting their own team with the civil rights movement was a gross exaggeration. African-Americans suffered racial slurs and violence from citizens and government.

They were beaten, attacked by police dogs and sprayed down by fire hoses. They often risked their lives to receive basic rights we take for granted today.

Members of IC are allowed to participate but only with their respective housing units. This creates unity on campus as Greeks and non-Greeks are competing together. IC having a team would continue the us versus them mentality that they claim they want to abolish. I personally do not see how the connection was made.

This led me to two questions: Have we forgotten the atrocities suffered by African Americans? Are we so vain that we are willing to compare our petty differences to the civil rights movement?

In my opinion, this insensitive downplaying of the civil rights movement may cost The Collegian legitimacy as an important voice in future issues.

-Josh Albrecht, senior