LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Cartoon expresses independents’ feelings

Being the president of the Independent Council, I have been firsthand in the fight for independents to have their own Homecoming team.

I agree that the Oct. 5 cartoon does go too far alluding to a racial issue, but honestly, this is not too far off the mark as to how I feel. I know Greeks did not make the decision; it was the decision of the PuLSE Office and the Homecoming chairs.

I respect the difference there. But what is not known by the Greek community is all the back and forth and resistance that the PuLSE Office and Homecoming chairs
have given IC.

I do not believe the cartoon is meant to be offensive to the Greek community,
but instead it expresses a feeling held by many independents.

Homecoming is an ALL campus event. I chose to not join a sorority, and I feel like the decision has hurt me as far as participation in Homecoming goes.

I respect anyone that has taken offense to the cartoon, but like I said before, I do not believe it was meant to offend but instead offer a viewpoint from the side of many independents.

-Amie Wright, senior