Danko: Inaugural events should be ‘highly creative’

Jim Danko already might have the title of Butler University president, but he hasn’t yet received all the regalia that comes with his position.

That will come this fall.

The theme for Danko’s official inauguration? “Imagine the possibilities.”

The actual installation ceremony will be Nov. 12, but Danko already spoke to the Faculty Senate Tuesday with his hopes for the larger set of inaugural events that will take place throughout the year.

“What I’d like to happen here is to put a spotlight on how much this university’s done that goes beyond our boundaries,” Danko said.

An inauguration typically includes many festivities, not just the president’s actual installation ceremony when he will receive the charter of the university and past presidents’ medallions, Meghan Haggerty, director of programs for leadership and service education, said.

To help plan the events, an inauguration committee already is in place to go over their ideas and offer their expertise.

Courtney Tuell, director of public relations, said the committee is planning already because November is quickly approaching.

Danko said he is appreciative of the work that already has gone into the inauguration. He said hopes that the planners think in a “highly creative way” in order to make the most impact on the community.

“Perhaps that week we would have events across campus that would unleash the creative energy of this campus,” Danko said.

Tuell said part of the inaugural events would be a chance for Butler’s faculty and staff to show off what makes their programs unique to the Indianapolis community as well as to dignitaries who will attend from across the nation.

Danko said he wants to go beyond typical inaugurations, which only wrap a day of service around the event.

“It would be helpful for us to spotlight how much we actually do for this community and come up with different areas where we’re all able to have a positive impact,” Danko said.

Tuell said the university most likely will spend one or several days completing a large service project, but that it probably will take place near the end of the year.

Haggerty, a member of the inauguration committee, said inaugurations are a great way to shed light on Butler’s academic accomplishments.

“It really is an opportunity to showcase what the students, faculty and staff here are known for,” Haggerty said.