CPA brainstorms in Brown County

Despite coming from different locations, members of the Council on Presidential Affairs were able to gather in Waycross, Ind. for a summer retreat. 

Over the course of the weekend, members familiarized themselves with one another while working on new ideas.

“The primary goal [of the retreat] was to get all of the members acclimated with each other so we can work as a well-functioning, cohesive group,” Michael Tirman, vice president of administration, said.  “That goal was followed closely by brainstorming ideas of what we feel the student body is going to want to see accomplished, as well as taking more student concerns once the next school year starts.”

The retreat consisted of two 4-hour brainstorming periods, during which the CPA committee members came up with more than 100 short- and long-term ideas that they said they hope will improve the Butler experience. 

One such idea was for the group to begin utilizing social media.

“We want it to be easier for students to find out about our events, as well as express their concerns and ideas,” Will Butler, public relations co-chairman, said.  “We want it to be easier for people to connect with CPA.”

This is the first year that a Public Relations committee will be a branch of CPA. 

Also new this year is the Green Operations committee, which CPA said will solely focus on helping students and faculty become more conscious of the campus’ environmental state. 

Multiple ideas, such as installing more recycling bins and replacing paper towels with hand dryers in restrooms, were mentioned at the retreat.

Now that the retreat has ended, CPA plans to assess their ideas intricately so that when classes begin in the fall, they can hit the ground running. 

Tirman said he was delighted with the direction the committee was moving.  He said he hoped that next year, and in subsequent years, CPA is more than just an organization that students have heard of but know nothing about.

“We want to be as transparent as possible.  We want to transition from being an unknown entity to one that is known and utilized on campus.”