Student, staff, faculty named Women of Distinction

Each year, Butler University honors three women who have impacted the campus community as a strong female.  One faculty member, one staff member and one student are chosen from anonymous nominations.

This year’s winners are Jeanne VanTyle, Teri Amberger and Britlynn Hansen-Girod, respectively.

Jeanne VanTyle
Professor of pharmacy Jeanne VanTyle also appreciated the recognition this award brings. VanTyle is the faculty member who was honored with the award.

“I have been at Butler a long time, and it just felt very humbling to be recognized for what I am doing,” VanTyle said.

VanTyle is passionate about helping others.  She works at a free clinic in the spare time she has away from teaching at Butler.

She said both the clinic and the Woman of Distinction award give her instant gratification.

“Teaching is great but how many times does a student say, ‘Wow, that lecture really helped me?’” she said.  “And at the clinic, the patients always really appreciate you.

“With this award, Butler is saying thank you, and I really appreciate that and am honored by that.”

Teri Amberger
Administrative Specialist Teri Amberger was shocked by the recognition.  She was the staff member named as a Woman of Distinction.

Amberger is the first person you meet when you walk into the Department of Math and Actuarial Sciences in Jordan Hall.

“It feels really nice to be recognized for what I do everyday,” she said.  “I just come in here and work and do my job in the best way I can.

“It’s really easy to do that because I love it here so much.”

Amberger said she never imagined she would win the award.

“You know, I am just a Butler mom,” she said. “I am a Butler mom to my kids who go here, but I am also a mom to the kids in this department.”

She said she is honored to be recognized along with the other women.

“It is such a diverse group,” she said. “I was standing by VanTyle and she does so much for others and then [Hansen-Girod], who is so active on campus and so passionate about what she does, and then there is me. “

Britlynn Hansen-Girod
Senior Britlynn Hansen-Girod was waiting in line to get lunch at Atherton Union when Dean of Student Life Irene Stevens walked up and put her arm around her.

“I’m thinking, ‘Oh my god, what did I do?’” Hansen-Girod said. “And she’s like, ‘I just want to let you know that you are Butler’s Woman of Distinction.’”

Hansen-Girod, a women, gender and sexuality studies major, is active in promoting feminism and improving the campus environment through Demia and Alliance.

“Out of my four years at Butler, three of them I’ve spent working tirelessly to keep making these organizations better and create safe spaces for like-minded people,” she said.

Hansen-Girod said that the recognition was encouraging.

“I was putting so much work in and feeling like no one cares,” Hansen-Girod said, “Winning this award and hearing what people have said about my work—I realized that the work I have done does matter.”