Amendment exempting EOC candidates for class officers struck down

Student Government Association assembly struck down a constitutional amendment today, barring president-elect Al Carroll’s choice for parliamentarian from serving.

The constitution does not allow any member of the Election Oversight Committee to be a candidate for any class officer position, SGA executive board member or other leadership role in SGA. The amendment, which drew only one ‘yea’ vote, would have allowed SGA to approve exceptions to that rule.

Constitutional amendments require a two-thirds majority.

Carroll said the person he selected was unaware of the rule when she applied for the position.

Seth Williams, who served as this year’s chair of the EOC, said amending the constitution would be short-sighted.

“These rules need to be written for the future,” he said.

Other members said they voted against the amendment since it would hypothetically allow someone to run for SGA president and serve on the EOC at the same time.

Other business conducted included a resolution recognizing Butler University President Bobby Fong for his years of service to the university and designating April 29 in his honor. The resolution passed unanimously.

This was the last SGA assembly meeting of the year.