TRUE LIFE: I’M A JAVA JAMS WINNER with Lauren King and Katie Pederson

The Collegian asked 2011 Java Jams winners Lauren King and Katie Pederson about what makes them unique as musicians.

Favorite song:
KP: “The Cave,” by Mumford & Sons.
LK: “White Balloons,” by Sick Puppies

Favorite musician:
KP: Jon Foreman
LK: Imogen Heap

Favorite lyrics that you have written:
KP: “Even in my most impractical of reveries, my dreams know their limits; you lead me to a standstill as the cutoff line.”
LK: “I’ve been living underground in tunnels, dug by you with your manipulative shovels.”

Musical influence:
KP: The Fray, Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson.
LK: Evanescence, Missy

How you first started
KP: In high school my friends and I would sign up to do talent shows, and I also sang in church with my family and friends. My senior year I did an independent study for composition, and so that gave me more of an opportunity to perform since it was a
LK: High School choir and
talent shows.

Favorite performance from Java Jams (your own or someone else’s):
KP: I loved Matthew’s zebra song!
LK: Taylor Neita’s Free Willy Theme Song

Anywhere we can find your music?:
KP: Not currently, but Lauren and I will be recording some things with BRIC soon.
LK: I have a new EP, “Battlescars,” which is available for download on iTunes and Amazon. You can also find me on Facebook (Lauren King Music) and YouTube (newbeginning212).

First reaction to winning Java Jams:
KP: Shock and pure excitement!
LK: AH!!! So excited, I think Katie and I are still in shock!

How you feel about performing with the Audition:
KP: About the same, I’m crazy excited, but also super nervous!
LK: It should be so much fun! I just can’t wait to meet the band. Also, I’ve never performed outside, which I think will be really cool!


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