Snowcoming still brings out students

What Snowcoming lacked in Butler royalty, it made up for in relaxed, fun events. Cutting the king and queen competition didn’t stop students from enjoying Snowcoming 2011 all across campus.

Junior Brittany Dorsett, special events co-chair, explained that because students are already so “over-programmed” the special events committee wanted this year’s Snowcoming events to feel more relaxed and voluntary.

She said they made the decision to eliminate the king and queen competition because there was no official king and queen competition two years ago, and students did not seem to mind since there is still one in the fall during Homecoming.

Eliminating the competition took the focus off of pressuring students to participate in something and created a more relaxed week for everyone, Dorsett said.

Dorsett and special events co-chair sophomore Michael Couch designed Butler sweatshirts, tumblers and thermoses to sell throughout the week. The sweatshirts were $5; nearly 300 sold out in four hours. Because of such high deman, 175 more were ordered and went on sale today.

“The sale items for the week were a huge hit,” Couch said. “I have seen many students already wearing their sweatshirts around campus.”

The week  of events kicked off Feb. 5 with the women’s basketball game against Wright State, and the men’s basketball game Feb. 7 versus UIC.

On Wednesday, Java Jams took place in the Reilly Room, complete with hot chocolate, coffee, a chocolate fountain and an abundance of musical talent from Butler students. Ten students preformed and the top six students will compete in the second round of the event to be held today.

“I think the students who came really enjoyed Java Jams,” Dorsett said.

Snowcoming continued with the men’s basketball game last Thursday versus Wright State. The Bulldogs defeated the visiting Raiders, 71-63.

On Friday, nearly 100 students traveled to Perfect North Slopes for snow tubing.

The week of events concluded Saturday with the “white out” at men’s basketball game. The Bulldogs beat Detroit, 66-51.

“We did not have very many events or an official king and queen contest,” Couch said, “but I think that those few we had were enjoyed by all the students who attended.”