‘Roofies and Randos’ party Facebook page raises concerns

“One room. A bottle of roofies. And a shit ton of random people.”

The “Roofies & Randos” Facebook event came to Butler University’s attention on Sunday.

A Butler University student who thought the event was inappropriate brought the event to the university’s attention, Dean of Student Life Irene Stevens said.

The event was set up by junior Josh Whitaker, a member of the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity, and John Kay, an unaffiliated student.

To be held at “The Imaginarium,” the Facebook event page said there would be roofies, also known as the date-rape drug, passed out at the door in Pez candy dispensers.

Stevens said the university has no knowledge that a party actually happened.

According to the Director of Greek Life Becky Druetzler, the creators claim the party was meant to be an inside joke for the creators’ friends. They did not expect it would go outside their friends.

“It’s making me look like a bad person,” Whitaker said of the incident. “It’s unfortunate, but we didn’t mean to hurt anybody’s feelings.”

Both Whitaker and Kay claimed responsibility for the event as individuals, she said. It does not appear this was a chapter-endorsed event.

Phi Kappa Psi President Nathan Krout confirmed that statement.

“The men of Phi Kappa Psi do not agree with the poor judgment recently exercised by one of our members,” Krout said in an e-mail.

He said he assures the chapter was not aware of the planning or creation of this event.

Although the chapter wasn’t involved in planning the event, Krout said he recognizes that [Whitaker] represents Butler’s Phi Kappa Psi chapter.

“[The chapter] hopes that our campus can see past this instance, bearing in mind that we would never allow this type of conduct to take place,” Krout said. “[Phi Kappa Psi] deeply apologizes to any who were offended by the broadcasting of this false event.

“Please rest assured that swift actions are being taken to ensure that this type of external fabrication does not occur in the future.”

Because Kay and Whitaker came forward as individuals, an “adjudication” will take place through Student affairs.

“Because it is connected with what is known to be a date-rape drug, it’s very serious,” Druetzler said. “It’s offensive to a lot of people.”

To think things posted on Facebook can be kept isolated is naïve, she said.

According to Stevens, an investigation led by Sgt. Tony Rivera started on Monday morning to look further into the event.

The university is also deciding whether or not the joke was appropriate, she said.

“We recognize that the improper treatment of women is completely unacceptable behavior,” Krout said. “We sincerely regret that an individual associated with our fraternity made light of this issue.”



  1. Ralph DiNozzo said:

    This has to be a joke… No one protested when the movie The Hangover came out, which is entirely centered around the “date-rape drug.” People do not have a sense of humor these days. No person with reasonable judgement could have read the event and sincerely thought that it was true. To my knowledge, sex was not even mentioned on the group post. I could even understand the outrage if the event talked about taking advantage of women. But no, it said handing out roofies to random people. The word “people” entails both sexes. These so called feminists’ time should be spent on real world problems like the ethical treatment of women is afghanistan or something REAL. Time and money is being spent on the “adjudication” of these two individuals. Pointless. Time and money is being spent on an INVESTIGATION!? How about investigate the peeping toms or the robberies that occur on Butler’s campus? No, let’s investigate a Facebook group, that makes more sense (sarcasm for the ppl don’t get jokes in this place). I’ll do your investigating for you. Two guys made a Facebook event. People got mad and blew it WAAAAAY out of proportion. The end. Promote me to sergeant. Butler has their priorities mixed up in a bad way.

  2. Ralph DiNozzo said:

    “Because it is connected with what is known to be a date-rape drug, it’s very serious,” Druetzler said. “It’s offensive to a lot of people.”
    To think things posted on Facebook can be kept isolated is naïve, she said.

    ^ Oh and Ms. Druetzler, yeah things can be offensive to people. Ads can be offensive. You don’t have to look at them. Television shows can be offensive. You don’t have to read them. Music can be offensive. You don’t have to listen to it. Facebook posts can be offensive too. Well, if you know anything about Facebook you know that you can remove people from your friends, hide posts, hide posts from certain people, etc. Just because a book is open on the table doesn’t mean you have to read it. It’s a social network. If you don’t like people in your social network, then don’t talk to them. If you don’t like posts on Facebook, do any of the aforementioned actions against them.