Why is my Blackboard in Spanish?

Some Butler University students may have needed to brush up on their language skills when their “What’s New” section on Blackboard recently changed to Spanish.

In a “Blackboard News” statement released on the site, Information Technology said the problem arose from fixing a separate issue.

“It resulted last weekend when we fixed the issue of students not being able to access course content within courses that had content copied or imported from previous courses,” the statement said.

The statement assured students that only the sub-header sections of Blackboard are affected and the issue would not alter any of the content, course material or student-learning areas.

The release said students do not need to report the issue to IT “as there isn’t anything they or instructors can do to resolve the issue.”

Instructors, however, are being asked to alter the entry point for the course if the problem is too distracting for students.

“Instructors can change the default Entry Point for courses by doing the following: Under the Control Panel, click on Customization -> Style -> Select Course Entry Point -> Submit,” the release said.